COVID and its ongoing aftermath has changed the social makeup and potentially hindered various collaboration and networking opportunities for graduate students interested in qualitative methods. In response, we collaboratively created the Graduate Student Qualitative Methods Network (GSQMN). The purpose of this international network is to create spaces for graduate students to engage in methodological discussions, collaborations, and peer and faculty mentoring across institutions. This network offers events where students can learn and share their qualitative research projects and methodological ideas. Graduate students’ experiences, questions, and interests form the primary element of this networking.

Graduate Student Qualitative Methods Network

A community for graduate students doing qualitative research

Who we are

What we do

The Graduate Student Qualitative Methods Network provides:

Virtual Gatherings

Hosted on Zoom to provide opportunities to discuss methodologies, theories, and practice

Opportunities for Feedback and Support

Share new work or published ideas to get feedback that supports your growth

Ways Collaborate with Colleagues

Find new collaborators or expand existing collaborations

Options to Stay Connected

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